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Restorative dentistry includes the dental specialties of endodontics, periodontics, and prosthodontics and its foundation is based upon how these interact in cases requiring multifaceted dental care.

For over 25 years, Dr. Montgomery has extensively studied cutting-edge procedures and techniques in order to help people with dental surgery and other complex restorative dentistry problems that other dentists have been unable to resolve.


Restorative dental problems Fixed by Dr. Montgomery daily are:

  • Worn down teeth due to stress and anxiety, teeth alignment, medicines, sleep apnea.
  • Jaw joint problems (TMJ)
  • Severely crowded teeth
  • Teeth with periodontal disease
  • Congenitally missing teeth
  • Teeth lost due to trauma
  • Teeth lost due to periodontal disease or caries (cavities)

Your smile can convey confidence and engage the person or group that you are conversing with.

By repairing stained or crooked teeth, an individual who was previously reticent to talk or smile may find the self-esteem that a great-looking smile offers. Whether in a business situation, dating or for general pleasantries, cosmetic dental treatment may powerfully impact whether you get that job, land that deal, have a great date night or add a new client.

Our teeth are made from a remarkable and resilient composition. Their external surface, the enamel, is the sturdiest substance in your body. However, the daily human habits we either do or don’t form, personal health circumstances, and unintended injuries may lead to unwanted wear and tear on your teeth. In the long term, friction can wear away at tooth enamel and fracture fillings, according to Kimberly Harms, DDS, a spokeswoman for the American Dental Association.

Things that may create your need for restorative dentistryrestorative dentistry provided by Marc L. Montgomery in Woodbury, MN

According to a December 16, 2016 article in WebMD, “Sports injuries account for up to 39% of dental injuries in children”. Additionally, the following items can be an issue:

* Stress and anxiety: They can trigger it or make it worse.

* Teeth alignment: The way they line up may cause grinding.

* Medicines: Some antidepressants can lead to it.

* Sleep apnea: Treat the apnea, and the grinding may end.

* Awareness is your first line of defense against grinding and clenching.

Protect Your Teeth by Avoiding Risks that Lead to the Need for Reconstructive Dentistry

It may be easy to get caught up hurry through a moment in your day and succumbing to using your teeth for a task that makes them vulnerable to damage. Teeth can shift out of place, get chipped, and possibly even break from pressure and strain that they weren’t intended to be put through. Unwanted mishaps are more prone to happen when used beyond what they were designed for – chewing to make digesting our food easier. Too many invasive and expensive emergency dental repairs could have been avoided.

Since our teeth also help us to converse and produce sounds (such as whistling) and provide our face its shape, they are important to protect. This is a great reason to avoid actions that could unnecessarily jeopardize them and place you in need of reconstructive emergency dental care.

Some individuals are placing their oral health at risk by treating their teeth as tools for tasks they are not designed for. A research study led jointly by the Oral Health Foundation and Philips as a contribution to the National Smile Month, reports that “two-in-three of us (65%) frequently use our teeth for tasks other than eating and drinking”. The Oral Health Foundations’s June 5, 2019 article reports that Opening bottles, tearing clothing tags and doing up zips – the most alternative uses for our teeth revealed

7 Common misuses of human teeth

  • Ripping of a piece of Sellotape – over four-out often (41%) of individuals acknowledge that they do this frequently.
  • Over one-in-four (26%) chew on their finger nails
  • More than a fifth (22%) depend on teeth to carry items if our hands are full (22%).
  • Biting a clothing tag off (20%)
  • Habitually chewing on their pens and pencils (16%)
  • Using their teeth as bottle openers (9%)
  • Using their teeth for doing up zippers (4%)

Remember, while it may seem inconsequential, using our teeth as tools presents a risk to our oral health.

Modern Restorative Dentistry Techniques

Whatever your restorative dentistry needs may be, Marc Montgomery’s experience and intensive training in the most recent techniques and dental advancements, along with our relationship with some of the world’s finest ceramists results in smiles that are pure artistry. Check out our long list of cosmetic and restorative dentistry before and after pictures. From full-mouth dental restorations to single tooth implant restorations, we can help.

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“Today was a good experience. I had lost a crown and went in to have it the tooth checked and had a cleaning and 5 year X-rays done, besides appointments to restore the crown. Dr. Montgomery has restored some teeth with veneers, and replaced all my former crowns and was especially patient and skillful at restoring my bite. I am not a child or young adult that doesn’t pick, floss or brush, or is cavity prone, so I don’t appreciate added services such as frequent bite-wing X-rays, and fluoride treatments that are very beneficial for that age group.” – Sharon S. on, 7.13.2018

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