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Valley Dental Arts

Dr. Montgomery believes Valley Dental Arts is one of the top five cosmetic-oriented dental laboratories in the United States. Together with their highly talented ceramists, Dr. Montgomery creates some of the most natural looking ceramic veneers and crowns available.

Philips Zoom!

You won’t find another process that that will get your teeth whiter. This technique was created and patented by a former NASA scientist. As a result, Zoom! has created the fastest, safest and most effective whitening system available today.

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is the largest and most respected cosmetic dental organization in the world, with the only accreditation program for cosmetic dentistry.
This program in which a dentist can gain accredited recognition for his or her ability to produce state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry is similar to the board examinations give in other specialties in dentistry and medicine.

In 2015, Dr. Montgomery attained the Fellowship credential with the AACD. He is now one of 68 dentists in the world that have reached this highest level with the AACD.

Participant and member of the L.D. Pankey Alumni Association

Dr. Montgomery has spent several weeks at this institute learning about the specific science on how teeth and jaw joints (TMJ) are related. When improving a smile, it is important that the final result feels well-balanced and that the patient’s jaw joint is comfortable. Nowhere else in the world can a dentist get a better education in this vital aspect to cosmetic dentistry.


Popular Smile Makeovers in Woodbury MN

Popular Smile Makeovers in Woodbury, MN
By Marc L. Montgomery DDS

Smiling with confidence makes you and everyone who sees your smile feel great. Some individuals are blessed with near-perfect teeth. Most people are not. The good news is that with today’s technological advances, most people can greatly enhance their smile by what we call a “Smile Makeover”.

Tooth Implant Patients Benefit from CBCT Scans

Tooth Implant Patients Gain Better Care Using CBCT Scans By Marc L. Montgomery DDS Last year Montgomery Dental Care purchased new dental technology that helps us provide an elevated level of care for our patients and especially my ability to diagnose additional oral issues. We have here what is called a CBCT, but it is … Continue reading Tooth Implant Patients Benefit from CBCT Scans

Single Anterior Implant Restorations in Woodbury MN

Optimizing Anterior Esthetics of a Single-tooth Implant in Woodbury, MN April 1, 2014 by Marc Montgomery, DDS INTRODUCTION FIGURE 1. Pre-operative view just after orthodontic appliance removal. Restoring a single anterior tooth has always been the most difficult esthetic restorative procedure in dentistry. One needs to mimic the surrounding natural dentition in size, contour, value, … Continue reading Single Anterior Implant Restorations in Woodbury MN

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Made Simple and Affordable

April 2015, Oral Health

Dr. Montgomery walks us through case studies to show how he approaches patient care.

Predictably Meeting Patient’s Expectations in Esthetic Dentistry

April 2012, Oral Health

Authored by Doctor Montgomery, this article is about meeting patients expectations when it comes to Esthetic Dentistry.

Journal of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Winter 2005, Volume 20, Number 4

Authored by Dr. Montgomery, this article is based on accreditation cases he passed. This case involves replacing an old composite (plastic) restoration with a new composite restoration, creating a natural match to the neighboring tooth. Few dentists are asked to write articles in this most highly respected cosmetic dental journal.

Mixing Veneers, Bridges & Implants in the Smile Zone

April 2007, Oral Health Journal

Authored by Dr. Montgomery, this article presents an innovative technique to overcome the esthetic challenges of restorative dentistry. This case depicts the new technique and materials in achieving ideal, consistent esthetics in mixing veneers, bridges and implants in the smile zone when replacing missing teeth.

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