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Children’s Dentistry: Making dental care fun for little ones

Teaching good habits and ensuring your kids get proper pediatric dental care at an early age is the key to a lifetime of healthy teeth. Dr. Montgomery and his entire staff provide a comfortable fun environment to make pediatric dentistry fun and painless.

All our child patients are scheduled exclusively with a highly experienced dental hygienist, not a dental assistant, so your child is being taken care of by a more experienced and better-trained dental specialist.

We’ve provided mercury-free dental restorations exclusively for the last 25 years that have a long life and prevent children from potentially harmful substances. We also maintain a latex-free environment for your child’s safety.

Plus, since we provide orthodontic care as well as children’s maintenance dentistry, we can monitor your child’s growth and development, and be able to recommend an optimum time for orthodontic care if it is needed. Your family can count on Montgomery Dental care for delivering safe, high-quality care to both young and senior members of your entire family.

Preventing Common Tooth Decay by Protecting Your Children’s Oral Health

From your children’s first dental checkup to providing dental sealants on permanent molars, braces, and more, we provide comprehensive preventive dental care. Your children’s dental visits can be both fun and eliminate or reduce dental issues that might otherwise worsen and sometimes become urgent.

Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease that children face right here in the United States. Pew Research reports in a February 16, 2016 article titled Children’s Dental Health Disparities that “Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease among U.S. children, five times as prevalent as asthma.”

Our summary of this research:

* Tooth decay is five times more common than kids who struggle with asthma related symptoms.

* Research proves that pediatric dental care is one our country’s paramount unmet children’s health needs, particularly in low-income, minority, and rural neighborhoods.

* School-based tooth sealant programs result in research data that indicates a reduction in tooth decay levels by an average of 60 percent over a five-year time frame.

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